We just can't wait to step foot into a mall because shopping just isn't the same online. Sure, you save a drive but it is not the same as being able to just window shop a little. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like shopping malls will be fully open any time soon.

According to NBCPhiladelphia.com, Cherry Hill Mall is one of few malls that has a Macy's store that is doing curbside pick. Shoppers are thrilled to hear that this is an option. A shopper by the name of Angie told NBC10 that she appreciates that the mall has at least one store open because it gives her an opportunity to "stretch her legs a little, flex your muscles and get some vitamin D."

Another shopper by the name of Dana Mastrocola told NBC 10, "I just took my daughter to Target for the first time in like four months and she was crying in the aisle, she was so happy."

We also learned from NBC 10 that the mall is currently "active" with multiple stores doing curbside pick up and even restaurants getting their fair share of business with takeout services. The only difference is that they are not open to the public yet.

Lisa Wolstromer, who is part of Cherry Hill Mall, told NBC 10 that they are very hopeful that the Cherry Hill Mall will be opening within the next couple of weeks. As we all already have heard from other big stores, Wolstromer made it clear that the stores at the mall will only be allowing a limited amount of people inside once they do reopen.

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