COVID-19 has spread so quickly throughout the world, it has caused panic everywhere. People are flocking to grocery stores to stock up on food and essentials in order to avoid crowds and stay in their homes with their families. The CDC and experts say, if we isolate ourselves and not be in areas of crowds with 200 people or more, the coronavirus may get better. Let's hope that's true.

Being that many people want to stay home and not go out in public, many industries including restaurants, are beginning to see a decline in their business. Restaurants that offer a delivery service may benefit the most right now and if restaurants don't offer delivery, they should start. According to Market Watch, Chipotle is now offering free delivery starting tomorrow (March 15th) until the end of the month. To also make people feel safe about ordering Chipotle, they are even going to put your food orders in special  tamper-evident packaging. There's even a spot to instruct your delivery driver to limit contact with you when they drop it off.

Kudos to Chipotle and let's hope we all stay safe.

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