COVID has brought down the hammer on Coachella . . . Again. Looks like there won't be any flower crowns and bikinis worn this year. On Friday, the Riverside County Public Health Officer Cameron Kaiser signed an order haunting Coachella. The announcement came via Twitter.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people swarm to the desert each April. People would camp out and attend the three-day music festival, which would have been every more packed this year, due to the festival being cancelled last year. Kaiser said that it is not safe for people to be traveling all over the world for this show.

There currently is no word about when the festival will be (or if) rescheduled, but they might try to hold it in October again, says TMZ. The rescheduling did not pan out this past October either. Coachella has not missed a concert since it’s one-year break in 2000. According to TMZ, Stagecoach, which is a popular country music festival that follows Coachella, has also been cancelled.

The music industry has seen a big hit with concerts this past year and there is ni confirmation about when they will be back. However Dr. Fauci says that with the vaccines, we should not rule out the possibility of live shows coming back mid-fall.

There is no word on what these concerts will look like and what the restrictions will be, but for now, we can only hope that they will at least resemble what it was like to see artists live pre-pandemic, but in a safe way to combat the pandemic.

I think it's safe to safe, Vanessa Hudgens is somewhere hyperventilating about this tragic news.


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