Over the weekend the ShopRite at Morrell Plaza (on Frankford Ave in Philadelphia) confirmed that one of their employees had tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Facebook, ShopRite of Morrell Plaza stated that they were ready for any unfortunate circumstances that came their way and are taking any precautions to help stop the coronavirus.

Sean and Bria McMenamin, owners of ShopRite at Morrell Plaza, made it clear on the Facebook that the employee who tested positive for COVID-19 is no longer at the workplace.  Any other employees that interacted closely with that individual have been sent home on a 14-day quarantine for precaution.

ShopRite would also like to let all customers know that they have their own "enhanced sanitation process" to help protect customers and employees. Getting past the coronavirus pandemic is a shared responsibility, they say, and they are encouraging all customers to stay if they are feeling sick. Some of the basic precautions were also noted, such as cover your coughs and sneeze, wash your hands, try not to touch your face and practice social distancing wherever possible.

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