I wasn't a huge Friends fan back when it originally aired, but over the years I have been watching a lot and have to watch every day since it's on TBS during the day starting at 10am and Nick at Nite starting at 10pm. I laugh so hard while I'm watching, sometimes my husband stares at me and doesn't get it, but other times, he's laughing right along with me. One of the six friends is Monica Geller who is played by Courtney Cox. She is a chef and takes pride in cooking every single meal for her friends and family. Sometimes she gets criticized for the way she is, since she's a little crazy and controlling and likes everything it it's place. She is her own biggest critic, and is really hard on herself sometimes, but we do love her oh so much. I just found out that a cookbook is coming out with numerous recipes from the show?

According to People.com, Amanda Nicole Yee has written a cookbook that will be released in September and it has 90 recipes that are inspired by the show. You can make recipes like a meatball sub, which was one of Joey's favorite meals. He even protected his meatball sub from what might have been a bullet coming at it.

Or you can make Rachel Green's English trifle, which she mistakenly made when the recipe book pages stuck together. That was an amazing episode.

There a bunch more recipes in the book, and if you're like me and need step by step instructions, no worries, the cookbook walks you through them all.

You can preorder yours for $29.99 on Amazon, keep in mind, it's not available until September.

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