Here it goes again. Cruise lines are pushing back their opening date again. Back in June it was mentioned that, "The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) just announced that their member cruise lines have voluntarily extended the suspension of U.S. cruise operations until September 15." Now,  they have extended that another month and a half.

FOX29 recently reported that the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has agreed that it is still unsafe to go on a cruise. Therefore, it has been suspended until Halloween, October 31. It was also mentioned that the decision was to “voluntarily suspend U.S. cruise operations.”

Just imagine, what IF the cruise lines actually do start up again on Halloween? How crazy are those Halloween parties going to be? Everyone is going to want to rage since we've all been put on time out because of the coronavirus.

In a Twitter post by Carnival Cruise, it mentioned that the cruise line is hoping that cruise suspension ends earlier than October 31 but for the time being all cruises have been canceled. As of now, it all depends on the COVID-19 cases and if they continue to raise. The chances of an early end to the cruise suspension do not seem promising.

According to FOX29, back in July the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that going on a cruise puts you at a way higher risk of contracting the coronavirus because there are way too many people on a cruise ship.

It is just sad how the cruise lines continue to lose billions of dollars because of the pandemic. What makes it worse is that so many people continue to stay jobless.

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