I love a good old fashioned Sunday Funday celebration, so I've been taking this social quarantine thing pretty rough. So I am excited to host a Social Distancing Cup Pong tournament this weekend... from my couch.

It’s pretty common that you can find me and my “kickball teammates” at our favorite bar playing flip cup or pong for several hours. Yes, I’m the captain of a kickball team, but I only show up for the social fun… like drinking after the game.

I’ve been devastated that our weekly trips to the bar haven’t been happening recently.  And that is why I have my White Claws chilling in the fridge and bracket ready for the “Social Distancing Cup Pong Tournament" that I am going to be hosting this weekend.

I found out about GamePigeon, which is an iMessage extension that's available in the App Store, for iPhone. You’re able to play games that simply send back and forth as iMessage.

Cup Pong is my favorite game. And, yeah, it’s just like “beer pong,” as you throw a ball into a cup using your phone. Having said that, I’m not that good at this game, but I figured I’m not that great at real beer pong either.

So on Sunday, if you’re like me and want to host a pong tournament this weekend, here’s how I’m doing it:

1. I’m starting a Group FaceTime call using my iPad for all of the competitors to see each other (and competitively trash talk each other).
2. I made a bracket for the competitors using a site like this one.
3. I am well stacked on my White Claws. I know we could play with beer, but it's what I have in the house right now.
... And from there we’ll all play via text message until there’s a winner. Of course, we’ll drink responsibly, but I do plan on indulging in a few Claws as we play… and I likely lose.

These little games have kept me, my boyfriend and a lot of our friends busy (and sane) over the past couple of days as we’ve gotten very competitive.

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