Dave Portnoy is back at it again with his infamous pizza reviews! He recently reviewed two different pizza shops in Chalfont and Doylestown. If you haven’t seen a video of Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews before, he travels around to different states and ranks some requested pizza shops in the area.

The President of the media company, Barstool Sports, visited a ton of local favorite shops in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York area and now he can cross two different Bucks County shops off of his list.

Peppino's Tomato Pies - Doylestown, PA

The first stop on his pizza journey in Bucks County was at Peppino’s Tomato Pies in Chalfont, PA. After going inside and getting a pizza made up special for the pizza review, Dave says “It’s a little messy - 7.8”. If you know anything about his pizza rankings, you’ll know this is a great ranking so Peppino’s for sure got some good praise from him!

If you want to try out Peppino’s Tomato Pies for yourself, you can check them out at 449 W Butler Ave in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. During his trip to Bucks County,

Lucatelli's Pizzeria - Chalfont, PA

Dave Portnoy also recently stopped by Lucatelli’s in Doylestown, PA! During his review, Dave says “It almost has more of a New York Vibe to me, than a Philly vibe.” The final rating for Lucatelli’s was also a 7.8. If you want to check out this pizza shop for yourself, you can visit Lucatelli’s Pizzeria at 73 Old Dublin Pike Suite 12 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

It’s safe to say these are two highly-rated pizza shops in the Bucks County area!

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