Did you know today (Tuesday, September 13) is International Chocolate Day? Oh yeah. The perfect excuse to grab some of your favorite chocolate treats today. It's also the perfect day to give you some great news.

David Bradley Chocolatier, headquartered off of Route 130 in Windsor, is expanding this year for the holiday season. There will once again be a pop-up shop in Quaker Bridge Mall.

I was tipped off by a 94.5 'PST listener that a "Coming Soon" sign is up in the lower level of the mall. You can't miss it, it's right in Center Court, near where Santa will be greeting shoppers soon enough.

One of the David Bradley Chocolatier owners told me that last holiday season's pop up shop in the old Godiva store was such a big success that mall officials asked them to do it again this year and they said yes.

Starting November 1st, David Bradley Chocolatier will set up shop for your holiday shopping needs...and your daily cravings...in the old Sur La Table store.

This is a bigger space than they had last year, so they're able to make more treats for you. It won't just be holiday treats though. There will also be birthday gifts, thank you gifts, corporate gifts, chocolate smash cupcakes in mini and large sizes, and more.

Oh, and I'm told there will be a large holiday Smash Santa. That sounds like fun.

If you need some extra cash for the holidays, David Bradley Chocolatier is hiring for this pop up store. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by all of that chocolate? Lol. You can apply now HERE or stop by the Chocolate Factory in Windsor (address below).

I LOVE David Bradley Chocolatier. I was just there to get a thank you gift for a neighbor and new home gift for another friend and of course a treat for myself. Lol. If you have an occasion coming up, they have the perfect gift for it, trust me.

David Bradley's Chocolate Factory is located at 92 North Main Street in Windsor, NJ (just off Route 130). Stop by. You can watch them make the chocolates.

It's such a fun place.

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