Oh, you're going to love this. A mega-popular authentic New York-style Jewish deli and bakery in Bucks County, PA is expanding to Mercer County, NJ.

The Borscht Belt in Newtown will be opening its third location in the Trenton Farmers Market on Spruce Street in Lawrence Township starting this Friday (February 23rd).

Trenton Farmers Market

The second location is in St. Mary's Medical Center cafeteria in Langhorne.

Jersey fans of the amazing deli are thrilled. They won't have to drive to Newtown anymore.

The big announcement came on the deli's social media recently.

The post read, "Exciting update for our New Jersey friends! Starting Friday, February 23rd, The Borscht will be proudly available at the Trenton Farmers Market in Lawrence Township. Available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Swing by and check it out!"

Many are wondering what treats they'll be able to get from the deli. The deli said in a comment on Facebook, "Bagels and Spreads. Lots of baked goods, some prepared (foods I'm assuming). However, you can order platters and catering in advance for pickup which extends to most of our full menu."

Great news.

The co-owner of The Borscht Belt may look familiar to you. Nick Liberato is a celebrity chef. Yup, you heard me right. He's been on Bravo's Top Chef Masters and Bar Rescue on Paramount.

Liberato's is also a personal chef to the stars and an executive producer and co-creator of Netflix's "Restaurant on the Edge."

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If you haven't experienced The Borscht Belt, it's time.

Check out this impressive menu...

The expansion may not be finished. I looked through the Facebook comments where someone suggested opening in the Doylestown Farmers Market. The Borscht Belt responded saying, "That is on the radar."

Make sure to check out The Borscht Belt at the Trenton Farmers Market starting Friday, February 23rd.


You won't be disappointed. You'll love it.

The Trenton Farmers Market is located at 960 Spruce Street, Lawrence Township.

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