When Governor Murphy decided to close all schools in New Jersey on March18th, some parents began to panic. Many businesses had not closed their offices yet and most parents still had to go into work every day. Once most businesses were forced to make their employees work from home, things may have gotten a little better for some people, but some occupations are not able to stay home with their kids and need childcare.  Daycares closed a few weeks after schools did and left some parents in a difficult situation, and Lightbridge Academy in Delran wants to help out.

According to an article from The Patch, the Lightbridge Academy in Delran will remain open for the children of emergency workers and first responders if they need childcare. Below is the message that pops up when you visit their website.

Lightbridge Academy
Credit: Lightbridge Academy

They are open Monday- Friday from 7:30 am- 5:30pm and even if you've never sent your child there, Lightbridge Academy will still accept your child or children. If you need childcare and live relatively close to Delran, I suggest you give them a call, they want to help you out during this difficult time.

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