My husband and I just got back from Ocean City Maryland. We spent a long weekend there with our friends and it was the longest time we've spent without our 18 month old son. I was feeling a lot of guilt before we left, but after talking to a few besties, I realized my husband and I really needed this trip.

We needed a break from a lot of things, but we also needed the trip to somewhat reconnect. Not saying there are any problems in my marriage at all, but as working parents, you sometimes push things like intimacy aside to focus on your family, or work or even household chores. I wanted to have a good time and I wanted to also look sexy too.

Now, I have to say, I am definitely not in the best shape. After I had Nathan, I did Nutrisystem and for a few months, I had been trying to stick to a Keto lifestyle. I loved both Nutrisystem and Keto is actually pretty easy to follow, but I still did not feel that confident in wearing a bathing suit on the beach.

I started trying some one piece bathing suits on. Ones I bought for our honeymoon two years ago. As soon as I put them both on, my husband gave me this look. I said, "Does it look that bad?" He said, "No, you look amazing." I had forgotten that even though my body may be thicker than it used to be, and even though I have some cellulite on my legs too, my husband can make me feel so beautiful.

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I have been very self conscious after I gave birth to my son, but after the comments my husband made, I realized, if my husband likes what I'm wearing, that's all that matters. I even got a bathing suit that showed a little more skin and wore that a few days later on the trip. I got so many compliments from my husband and from strangers.

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So to all those women who think their body isn't "summer ready" and maybe that you can't rock a certain bathing suit, I say rock it! I say, where what makes you comfortable. Slay girl! Whether you wanna look hot for your honey or just yourself, as long as you're enjoying your summer, I say, DO IT!

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