If you would have asked me a year ago, "Do you think there will be a shortage of toilet paper, sanitation wipes, Dr. Pepper, and coins all at once," I would say you are crazy. There is no way that is going to happen. But look at us now, going crazy for all of those things.

Now that we are coming up on the new school year, there is another, new shortage. USAtoday.com reported that the new shortage across the country are desks. Yes, desks for students and for offices. The reason that this is happening is that a majority of the school districts are doing at-home virtual education. Parents want to make sure their kids have a good place that will feel as if they are at school.

According to USAtoday.com, it is not only desks that are experiencing high demand. It is also chairs and other office supplies. Many of the orders placed for desk and chairs are currently on backorder.

Here is the part that will shock you the most. USAToday.com mentioned that on amazon there was a 600% increase on desk search. If you think that is kind of impressive, this will make your jaw drop. The words "kids desk" had a 3783% search increase on Amazon.

We really don't know how long the virtual learning will go for but if it is temporarily is it really worth spending on a desk and cluttering your house?

At this point in time, since there are high demand and shortage of desks, here's an idea. Maybe you'll want to make your own kid's desk if you have the time and the tools.

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