New Jersey is known as the Garden State, but it should also be known as the blockbuster movie state as well. So many films were actually shot in NJ like Mean GirlsThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Ocean's Eleven just to name a few.

I saw the amazing list of movies that have shot on location throughout New Jersey on Here are some the cool highlights from that list:

Mean Girls - Montclair, NJ

This is fetch-worthy news that Mean Girls used the outside of Montclair High School as the backdrop to the famous scene (spoiler alert) where characters, Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) fight right before Regina gets hit by a school bus. You can watch the clip below.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Ramapo Lake in Oakland, NJ

Katniss Everdeen, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, shot a winter scene here in NJ. The crew of the film selected the northwestern shore of Ramapo Lake in Oakland to transport audiences to the wilderness of Panem. You can see Jersey's shining moment in the trailer below at around 31 seconds.

Ocean’s Eleven - Atlantic City, NJ

Though the creators of the film wanted to you to think George Clooney and Bernie Mac were filming in a Las Vegas casino, they actually were in Atlantic City. Bonus scene for NJ: they also filmed on location at the East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge.

To see where other blockbuster movies like Zoolander, Friday The 13th, The Wolf Of Wall Street and more filmed in New Jersey go here

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