It is October 3rd. Even though the holiday fell on a Thursday this year, I hope you are wearing some pink in honor of National Mean Girls Day. We promise that we won't tell Regina you did it on Thursday.

Can you believe it was 15 years ago today that "regulation hottie" Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was in math class?

So, of course, we made a list of ways to celebrate our favorite holiday of the year:

Eat Some Cheese Fries: 

When you're tired of dealing with any of your responsibilities, just say, "whatever I'm getting cheese fries." My life motto.

Or go to Taco Bell. 

That's if you aren't on an "all carb diet," Karen.

Follow our Girl LILO on Social Media 

Lindsay Lohan is living the life out in Mykonos running her beach club, and knows how to throw a party. In year's past, she taken to Instagram to wish her fans a happy October 3rd.


Make Fetch Happen? (Or Not) 

Was Regina right when she told Gretchen that fetch was never going to happen?  YES. Fetch will never happen, but October 3rd is the only day fetch can happen.

Try to get tickets to the 'Mean Girls' musical 

The musical version of Mean Girls is something not to miss. Besides it being hilarious, the music and the choreography are impressive. The musical features an amazing cast. Tickets are probably sold out for today, but you can get tickets for another date here.

Be sure to watch the movie and quote your favorite lines all day! Happy October 3rd, 2019.

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