I love a nice walk down a cute Main Street, don't you?

Picture it. There are little boutiques, quaint cafes with outdoor seating, some type of water view, pretty lights, cobblestone or brick walkways. That is totally my vibe.

Where are these picturesque Main Streets in America?

Mixbook took a look at towns across the country and put together a list of America's 100 Most Charming Main Streets. 

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I'm adding some of these places to be vacation bucket list. Although, I don't have to go far for some of them.

New Jersey made the list three times with adorable Main Streets.

Here's a look at each one:

#21. Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair.


Shops, restaurants, and museums are just some of what makes this main street in Montclair so attractive. It has a historic charm along with modern touches.

New Jersey Digest also says you shouldn't miss the Montclair Film Festival and the Montclair Jazz Fest.

#49. Bridge Street in Lambertville.


Lambertville is one of my favorite towns in New Jersey. It has a nice view of the Delaware River. It's chock full of the most adorable shops, antiques, coffee bars, restaurants, and more.

It's a walkable town with plenty to do. You could stroll over the bridge to the equally as cute town of New Hope, PA.

#61. Washington Street in Cape May.


The Washington Street Mall is one of the most charming places I've been in New Jersey. It has the cutest string lights, flowers, many shops, and restaurants...it's a whole vibe.

I love this main street because there are three blocks closed to cars, so strolling around it is easy.

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See more of the list of the most charming Main Streets in America, by clicking here.

PS. I think my hometown of Cranbury should have made the list. Its Main Street is the best with a beautiful view of Cranbury Lake, the Cranbury Inn, Teddy's Restaurant, Gil & Bert's Ice Cream Shop and so much more.

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