Need some fuel while doing your holiday shopping at Quaker Bridge Mall?

Good news. There's a new dining option for you. DoneRight Doner Kebab is finally open, ready to serve you, and I'm hearing it's delicious.

It's on the lower level of the mall, near The Cheesecake Factory.

It says on Facebook that the new restaurant is a "unique take on the Turkish Street Food Scene that prides itself on never using shortcuts." It's a fast-casual place.

If you're not familiar with Doner, it's kind of like gyro, but I'm hearing it's even better. The meat is grilled on a turning spit.

The coming soon signs have been up for months saying that the restaurant would be opening in the Spring, but that didn't happen. It finally opened recently (November 17th).

Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

A friend of mine just had lunch there and said it was excellent. She said the portions are big, it was pleasantly affordable, and finally something different and delicious.

I found the restaurant's website and it says, "Fast Casual Mediterranean Done Right."

It's described as, "A bold, playful and unique take on Turkish Street Food Scene that prides itself on never shortcutting fresh ingredients, while always bringing BIG flavor to every bite.

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There are choices of lamb, chicken or Falafel. You can have sandwiches with different sauces and toppings, wraps, or boxed meals with fries and a soda. There are also salads & more.

Check out the complete menu here.

Done Right Doner Kebab is now open on the lower level of Quaker Bridge Mall, near The Cheesecake Factory. Go check it out.

Quaker Bridge Mall is located on Route 1 North in Lawrence, NJ.

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