Quarantine has forced millions of us to be locked inside of our homes with nothing to do but scroll through social media, and binge watch a bunch of TV shows. Unfortunately, the production of our favorite series have come to a pause due to social distancing. Therefore, we have to accept the fact that we might not get follow ups and continuations to certain shows for a very long time.

However, Rob McElhenney, creator of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", has decided to not let this precious time go to waste. According to Philly Voice, not only has he been publicly advocating for studios to continue paying the employees they laid off, but he also announced that he is currently writing new episodes.

In a new Instagram post, McElhenney was excited to share that this global pandemic isn't stopping him from making new adventures for Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank and Dee.

"I think we can all agree that when this is over, what the world will need most, are more d*** jokes," McElhenney said. "I’m happy to oblige."


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