Not even professional athletes can get past the mandated mask requirements that have been put in place to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. According to, on Wednesday, November 18th, Burt Lauten, and spokesperson from the Steelers claimed that according to guidance from the Governor’s Office, the Steelers were exempt from wearing masks during their NFL games. Although, personnel who would be working at the game would be required to wear masks and the same with fans who would be coming to watch the game. However, that is not true.

Although, on the Pennsylvania FAQ mask mandate website, it clearly states that “coaches, athletes (including cheerleaders), and spectators must wear face coverings if they cannot maintain sustained physical distance from persons outside of their household. This includes while actively engaged in workouts, competition, and on the sidelines, in the dugout, etc. If sustained six-foot distancing can be maintained, face coverings may be removed when outdoors.”

The only reason a mask does not have to be worn is if a person falls under an exception in Section 3. reports that an exception in Section 3 is that an individual is allowed to remove their masks if wearing one would cause a medical condition or make a current condition worse. Burt Lauten made sure to make it clear that his players did not have to wear a mask due to the fact that they would have difficulty breathing during athletics.

Although, Lyndsay Kensinger, Governor Tom Wolf’s spokesperson, said that there were no exceptions for the Steelers or the Eagles and this was not just something enforced by the Governor, but also by Doctor Rachel Levine, who is from the Secretary of Health. The only exception to the rule is that players may wear face shields rather than surgical-style masks.

The next home game the Steelers play will be on Thanksgiving Day and they will be against the Raven’s. As for the Eagles, their next home game is Nov. 30.


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