Lovers of this bakery outlet in Camden County will be disappointed in this one.

Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet in Blackwood, NJ, located at 1488 Blackwood Clementon Rd, suddenly closed last week, according to 42Freeway.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps
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There wasn't much of a heads up, which is why customers were surprised to see there was a handwritten sign attached to the door that read: "Permanently Closed." There was also a sign posted with their Labor Day hours, which implies that the employees anticipated coming back after the holiday weekend - this must have been a surprise for them too.

Why did Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet in Blackwood close?

The parent company posted a statement on their website:

"Bimbo Bakeries USA associates are currently working around the clock to stock retail grocery shelves, eliminating our ability to stock our outlet stores.
The majority of our outlet stores are closed at this time, please call the outlet store in your area to confirm if they are open before visiting."
This is coming as disappointing news to customers who have frequented this spot:
"This is absolutely terrible I was just there a couple days ago they did not seem like they were closing they had a full stock."
"Nooooo ….. I used to get my bread there."
"No, that's so sad. They had some good items and great prices."
"Yea, gonna miss this store. It would have been nice to get a heads up that it was closing."
Are you said to see this location go? If you have other recommendations for baked goods in the area, chime in!

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