A snake species that hasn't been seen in New Jersey for approximately 50 years is finally slithering its way back!

They're called Queen Snakes, and they haven't been seen in New Jersey since 1977! But according to recent discoveries, they're finally making their way back in the Garden State.

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Queen snakes (Regina septemvittata) are slender, aquatic snakes that are tan to dark brown in color, with a yellow stripe along its lower side. It has a yellow belly with four brown stripes that run the length of its body. They grow to be about 24 inches in length.

Why did Queen Snakes disappear in New Jersey?

Over the past 5 decades or so, The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection theorizes that the queen snake population in New Jersey decreased over time thanks to stream channelization, water pollution, and stream bank erosion, all of which confiscates their main food source - crayfish.

Are Queen Snakes dangerous?

Here's the good news - Queen snakes are not venomous. They're also not aggressive, but will bite if provoked.

They've now been classified as "rediscovered" in New Jersey. In an effort to give their population a chance to come back, the New Jersey Pinelands Commission will not disclose exactly where the snake was rediscovered in order to keep them safe from snake hunters.

They're endangered in New York and categorized as critically imperiled by NatureServe, according to the New York Times. If you do see one, don't panic! And don't kill it! Let's give these little guys a chance to come slithering back.

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