Since the stay-at-home order has been in place, I have been gifted homemade banana bread three times. And I know I'm not the only one that has a spare loaf of this banana goodness lying around. I'm sure you or someone you know probably has gotten one too in the past few weeks.

The question is, why has this deliciousness become the quarantine comfort food? I'm not complaining so let's just set that straight.

The short answer? Since most of us are buying in bulk, a lot of us have an excess of things that will go bad. At least with bananas, you can re-purpose those mushy brown bananas into some yummy banana bread.

Now there are tons of different things people put in these delicious loaves. My favorite addition has to be chocolate chips.

I was chatting with Christine Fox, who said she has been told her banana bread is the best but that's up for debate as I have yet to try hers.

It's pretty silly to think the only reason banana bread is showing up at my door is because of some sloppy leftovers. Regardless, it's pretty delicious, so keep it coming. Now to bake a loaf myself; although, I never let my bananas go bad.

So, have you gotten any banana bread while in quarantine? If you have extra, send it my way.  What special ingredient do you put in yours? I think the only kind I don't like is the one with walnuts in it. Yuck!

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