Knowing that someone from your community or area that you grew up in is a part of a big project that the world will be able to experience is motivating and makes you proud. According to Community News, a Ewing native was part of a big Pixar film that was released in December of 2020.

Jake Kaplan lived in Ewing for 19 years. The former Ewing resident had big roles on the Pixar film 'Soul.' It was stated on Community News that Jake Kaplan was part of the team that produced the character designs. That's a huge position to have. It has to be nice to be able to say "I designed that character for a movie." I would bring it up in every conversation possible.

Community News made it known that Jake Kaplan no longer lives in Ewing and does not have any family in the state but he is still proud to have lived in the town. Kaplan told Community News, "I love the little New Jersey circle we live in."

Kaplan attended Chapin School in Lawrence Township before transferring to the George School in Newtown, Pa.

We learned from Community News that Jake Kaplan was a part of a team that had between 2 and 5 members working on the 'Soul' characters. Kaplan had the responsibility to "identify what needed to be designed" and personally I wouldn't know how to work under all the pressure. Just imagine creating something for Pixar and it turns out to be not what the viewers want. That would be a complete heartbreak.

Community News also shared that Jake Kaplan was the coordinator of the set department. Kaplan told Community News, "I got to work with the art team as they built what it would look like. It was crazy to watch how it evolved."

My favorite Jake Kaplan quote shared by Community News is, "I had no idea I would work for Pixar one day, but I’m happy I do." That just shows that dreams really do come true.

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