What could be more fashionable than a custom designer Chanel face mask... maybe not needing one?

From Italy’s Milan Fashion Week to Paris and now New York, the fashion capitals of the world are being hit hard by the global spread of COVID-19. With designers, like Giorgio Armani canceling runway shows, fashion editors quarantined upon return from these fashion hubs and more and more face masks being worn the world of fashion is beginning to take a major drop.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, work-from-home policies have been circulating through the industry,  and everything from photoshoots to press reviews have been postponed. The massive loss for fashion is the dip in the personal luxury buying and selling process, which would typically be done at these travel locations such as Paris and Italy.  Without this in-person exchange, designers have been forced to go digital, which has left some in the economic shallow end, Yahoo! reports. 

The inconvenience this has caused high-end buyers is only the beginning as the stock market continues to go down as the virus spreads.

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