Spring arrives March 20 and it means more than just nicer weather for all of us.

We've been waiting for spring to arrive, and we're sure that you have been too. Of course, the warm weather is great, but so is the opportunity for freebies to enjoy the taste of spring. Some of "warmer-weather chains" are celebrating by giving US free stuff.

Here's a look at some of the free stuff we can expect in our area to celebrate the first day of spring (March 20):

Dairy Queen – The popular ice cream chain will celebrate the first day of spring by offering free vanilla soft serve ice cream cones (with a signature curl on top) on Wednesday (March 20). Limit one per customer, and supplies are limited.

Rita's - Ritas will once again celebrate the first day of spring by offering free ice to customers who visit their stores between 12pm - 9 pm. We hear there are often long lines at area stores, so be patient.

Of course, we could be enjoying our free ice and ice cream in the cold and snow for all we know. After all, New Jersey weather is so unpredictable, right?

If you can be patient, by the way, and want to celebrate the warmer weather in a few weeks... you can enjoy a free cone at Ben & Jerry's on April 9. The promotion runs from 12pm until 8 pm that day. Unfortunately, however, the closest Ben & Jerry's locations are in Philadelphia.

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