One word to describe the last few days: HOT. The summer shows no sign of cooling down any time soon with its 90-degree temps and intense humidity. It makes me want to hug the inventor of the air conditioner and thank them for their contribution to society.

However, sitting in front of an air conditioner doesn't make for a fun-filled summer, so you have to get creative when it comes to taking advantage of the summer months and staying cool. Here are some of my favorite ways to beat the heat.

    • I don’t care how old you are, but freeze-pops are always a go-to during the summer months. The brain freeze is worth it when a muggy day is at play.
    • I may get crazy looks for this one, but the thought of running through a sprinkler still sounds lovely, even at the age of 27. I enjoyed it when I was seven, so why not indulge now?
    • Grab a tarp from the garage, spray a hose on it, and if you’re feeling adventurous, add soap. You just made yourself a cheap slip n’ slide.
    • Rent a boat for the day and sail away to places like Block Island or Martha’s Vineyard. Have you heard about this incredible Nauti-Jane’s auction?
    • The beach is a given during the summer, but to make it a little cooler, bring along a fun floatie so you can chillax in the water in style. Check out this Unicorn float from Target that is waiting in my online cart.

Need some more ideas? Check these out.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat

When the sun becomes too much, check back on my list of cool activities to bring you solace. Keep your summertime activities hot while you stay cool on the SouthCoast.

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