The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of bad things into our lives. People have lost their jobs, people have lost their loved ones, and nurses and doctors have put their lives on line to take care of patients with COVID-19. Sometimes it's difficult to see the good when there is so much happening in the world, but there are good things happening out there and I'm about to tell you about one of them.

There is an organization named Flag, which stands for front line appreciation group and there have been a few popping up in our area. The wonderful people in this organization are all about taking care of frontline workers such as nurses and doctors in Hamilton and   around Mercer County. How they take care of them is by purchasing meals from restaurants in Hamilton and delivery the food to frontline workers. We had the pleasure of speaking with Megan O'Donnell of the Flag Hamilton Chapter and here's what she had tp say about the organization.

For more information about Flag Hamilton, visit their website.

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