Frank Ocean is trending on Twitter after he posted a nude photo to his Instagram Stories.

This afternoon (Aug. 6), Frank Ocean returned to Instagram to promote a new line of accessories from his luxury brand Homer. Included in the drop are pendants, earrings, a keychain and, perhaps most noticeably, cock rings, which cost thousands of dollars.

To promote the line, the elusive singer resumed activity on Instagram with a handful of Story posts. The first features Ocean wearing a wig. The next is a video showing a few of the Homer items available for purchase.

The third story, however, is what everyone is talking about. It shows the middle section of a nude individual with the genitals blurred out. It's unclear if the person in the photo is actually Ocean, but people on Twitter have already taken it at face value and began churning out reactionary memes at breakneck pace.

Within the Homer shop, the accessories range in price from a couple hundred dollars to a specific H-Bone Ring that is going for $9,940.

"The H-Bone Ring with Stones is hand made of 18 karat yellow gold," reads the product description, "with an array of channel set princess-cut diamonds and layers that express a pixelated bone or an H-motif, finished with a high polish."

Due to Ocean's consistent mystic, it's likely that we won't get any clarity on if it's actually him in the photo. It's worth noting that he posted a fourth Story, which features a photo of someone else. Nonetheless, one thing's for sure: He drove a ton of traffic to the Homer website today.

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