Many people are still trying to get the COVID-19 test done to just have a little more peace of mind knowing that they are clear of the illness. It's hard to know where to get the test done or how much it will cost but Mercer County residents are in luck.

According to, Mercer County residents that are 14 years of age or older have the opportunity to get a FREE COVID-19 test that you can do at home. We also learned that this particular COVID-19 test is a saliva test.

Obviously, we've all seen the nose swab test that has been done for the coronavirus and it has been mentioned that it is the most accurate test. Planet Princeton shared that county officials have made it known that the saliva test is as effective as any other coronavirus test out there.

That is good to know because we are sure the saliva test is a lot less painful. Having that swab shoved up your nose looks awful.

To be able to receive the free coronavirus test you must show proof of age as well as proof that you are a Mercer County resident. Planet Princeton reported that the free coronavirus saliva test is something that first responders and healthcare workers can also benefit from. To be able to take advantage of the COVID-19 test you must show proof of employment as well.

If you would like to receive the free COVID-19 saliva test you must visit Planet Princeton stated on its website that the result for the test takes about 72 hours to get back after taking it.

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