During this entire pandemic, I've been looking for things to make me smile. Whether its a feel good story, or a good food deal, I think it's important to smile and be grateful. Tons of restaurants are doing curbside pickup and I think it's honestly saving their businesses. We've been trying to order out at least once a week to support snd help save our local restaurants. Whenever we order, they always sound so grateful for our business. And to be honest, it's a nice break from cooking a meal every single night. So, I was very excited when I saw restaurants in our area offering to-go orders and curbside pickup. You still aren't allowed to sit inside fast food restaurants and coffee shops, but drive thrus are open and one of your favorites that has amazing fries is offering a great deal now until the end of June.

According to Thrillist, McDonald’s is giving away free medium fries every Friday from now until June 28th. Yes, there is a minimum purchase, but, it's not a lot, which makes them really easy to get them. The minimum purchase you need to make is just $1. Let's be honest, there are a bunch of things on the McDonald's menu that you can buy for a dollar. So you download their app, buy something for $1 and you'll score those free fries. You can get one free fry per day, but tell your entire family and friends.

Cheers for free fries!


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