With this whole COVID-19 pandemic,  everyone’s daily lives have changed drastically. One positive thing is that a lot of us are starting to get really happy knowing that there are a few things that we can do now, even if we’re still stuck at home.

Graduation season is upon us and unfortunately this year all ceremonies have either been postponed or made virtual. Although graduates cannot have graduation parties quite yet, they can have a little celebratory drive-by parade with friends and family. The only condition is everyone MUST stay inside their cars. According to NJ.com, on Wednesday the governor of New Jersey let everyone know that we can all have gatherings like drive-by parades as long as we stay inside our vehicles. What makes it even more interesting is that we must keep all windows closed during the drive-by parade. Every vehicle must also practice the 6-feet apart rule.

I really would like to attend a high school graduation to see how schools will make those ceremonies happen now. Are the graduates going to drive by the school staff members and reach out to grab their diploma?

The stay at home order still stands in the Garden State. Govern Murphy said, “Residents should still stay at home as much as possible.” It honestly feels extremely good to be able to get out of the house a little. Knowing that some places are starting to open up again and some gatherings may be happening again soon is awesome.

We also learned from NJ.com that Governor Murphy said, "I must reiterate, however, in other cases, the ban on gatherings still applies." If you are planning to do random parties that is a big No-No. These inside the car gatherings are also good for religious events and drive-in movies.

As a student, it would be cool to say, "I had a very unique graduation ceremony. Everyone was stuck in the car.” If you happen to attend a ceremony that you have to stay in your car make sure you tag us on your social media (@945PST) post. We want to see how that experience goes.

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