Snapchat is one of my favorite social media platforms (right behind Instagram.) There's something enticing about being able to send someone a sketchy picture or video and it will disappear in a matter of seconds. That's unless they decide to screenshot it, so please proceed with caution.

Whether you are sending nudes or sending a video of you playing with your dog, Snapchat is definitley your best outlet.

Have you ever noticed that on Snapchat there are certain emoji's that show up next to someone's username?

I had a yellow heart next to one of my friend's names, and it occurred to me that I had no idea what these emoji's actually meant, so I did some important research.

Here are my findings, thanks to Emojipedia:

💛 Yellow Heart - The yellow heart means that you are #1 best friends with someone, while simultaneously being their #1 best friend. When you see that yellow heart, things are getting real.

❤️ Red Heart - Wait I take it back, the red heart is where things truly heat up in your Snapchat relationship, this is when you guys have had the yellow heart status for more than two weeks.

🔥 Fire - This has to do with the streak count feature on Snapchat. Snapchat counts the amount of days in a row that you correspond through Snapchat with another user. Our afternoon host EeE has a 594 day streak going. I am not sure if I am proud of his accomplishment, or embarrassed for him.  Apparently, if your app somehow gets deleted and your streak is disrupted, you can e-mail Snapchat customer service to get that streak back.

😬 Grimacing Face - This is Snapchat's way of telling you some shady things are going down.  Your #1 best friend is this person's #1 best friend too. Somebody needs to stop snapping your best friend.

😏 Smirking Face - You may have noticed a smirking face next to someone you are not really into. You are this person's best friend on snapchat because they send you a lot of snaps, but the feeling is not mutual.

😎 Face with Sunglasses -  This means you essentially Snapchat someone that this person also snapchats a lot. Someone on your best friends list is also on this person's best friends list.

Want more? Check out a complete guide to Sapchat's emojis here.

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