Peddler's Village is asking for your help to find the couple in this picture, getting engaged there recently, according to Facebook.

You know how much I love LOVE, and this is just adorable. I love visiting Peddler's Village all year long, but, I have to say the holidays is my absolute favorite. There are lights on lights, the Gingerbread House display, and so much more, perfect for your Instagram.

While scrolling on Facebook today, I noticed this post below. How cute is this? Photographer, Eric Weiss from Better Living was taking pictures in the Village on December 2nd and didn't realize he had captured a marriage proposal in action. I have chills. Can you see it?  Right in front of the gazebo there is a man down on one knee, professing his love, and asking his girlfriend to marry him. It looks like she may be taking the ring out of the ring box.

I can't stop looking at this picture. I'm obsessed. Do I know them?  I don't think so. Do you know them?  Maybe.

Please do me a favor and help Peddler's Village find this couple, so they can have this picture of their engagement. It doesn't look like anyone around them is capturing the moment, so I'm sure they would love to see this, and frame it as a reminder of this very special occasion.

This is Hallmark movie material, isn't it? I'm really hoping this couple can be found.

Can't wait for my family's annual Christmas trip to Peddler's Village. We'll be there soon.


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