You can call it “The One With The Movie Theater,” and you’ll be able to participate right in our area. Several local movie theaters announced they’ll be showing episodes of Friends on three separate dates on the big screen.

In honor of the show's 25th anniversary, you’ll have several chances to see Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica in stunning 4K HD on the big screen.

Theaters in Hamilton Township, Franklin Mills, Moorestown, and more will be showing the episodes. We have a complete list below.

Sept. 22:
Pilot – ReDo,
The One With The Black Out,
The One With The Birth
The One Where Ross Finds Out

Sept. 29:
The One With The Prom Video
The One Where No One’s Ready
The One With The Morning After
The One With The Embryos

Oct. 2: The One With Chandler In A Box
The One With Ross’s Wedding – Part 2
The One Where Everybody Finds Out
The One Where Ross Got High

Each screening, by the way, will also include exclusive interviews and never-before-seen content on screen.

Here's the list of theaters in our area that will be showing the special: 

New Jersey:
AMC Marketfair 10 (Princeton)
AMC Hamilton 24 (Hamilton)
AMC Cherry Hill 24 (Cherry Hill)
Regal Moorestown Mall 12 (Moorestown)

AMC Franklin Mills 14 (Philadelphia)
AMC Woodhaven 10 (Cornwells Heights)
AMC Neshaminy 24 (Bensalem)

All shows start at 7 pm each day. Tickets went on sale today. Click here to purchase tickets or for more information. It looks like tickets are about $16 for a night of fun.

I've attended a few special screenings like this before, and I must admit, they're super fun. I'll be trying to drag my friends to the theater with me to watch the programs.

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