We all know that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health.  And many people believe that drinking bottled water is safer than drinking water from a tap, so findings just released by the Center for Environmental Health are a bit alarming.

According to USA Today, a brand of bottled water that is sold at Walmart and Target stores contain levels of arsenic higher than tap water.  The brand is named Peñafiel and it is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper.

Credit: Walmart.com
Credit: Walmart.com

USA Today says that studies have shown that high levels of arsenic "can cause hormone disruption and organ damage, especially in children."

The Center for Environmental Health, as reported by USA Today, also found high levels of arsenic in a brand of bottled water called Starkey, which is owned and sold by Whole Foods.

EWG.org is a website that provides drinking water quality reports.  According to the site, drinking water provided by Trenton Water Works, which serves 205,000 people, contains 8 contaminants detected above health guidelines.  Arsenic was not one of those contaminants.  You can search for reports based on zip codes here.

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