Students are already hurting from not being able to walk at graduation from either high school or college.  To be hit with "Sorry, we can't give you your money back" for things that they can no longer be a part of makes everything even worse.

According to, some high school seniors are having a hard time right now trying to get back $5000 for a “prom house” that they rented out in Wildwood, NJ. The $5000 was the deposit for the rental property that was split by 27 Gateway Regional High School seniors when it was booked back in November of 2019.

Obviously we all know that with the coronavirus many cities down the shore have banned renting out beach houses so we're sure many cancelations have happened. mentioned that the rental property the high school seniors booked is not giving back the money but instead is offering a date change.

It is a little unfair that the students aren't getting their money back. A mother of one of the students told, “This was out of everyone’s control. It’s not like they don’t want to go.” We agree with the mother, especially because it's $5000.

It was also mentioned on that the rental company is telling the parents and students that the money cannot be reimbursed because the rental ban is only until the end of April. The students had booked the house for the weekend of May 8 - 11.

With everyone being quarantined and trying to stay safe from the coronavirus, this has to be a nightmare for all of the parents and students.

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