It's always a struggle to try and figure out things to do during the Christmas season. Whether it's for a date or some family time, it seems to always end in an argument. created a list of must-see things this Christmas season and we chose our favorites that we think you should know about.

In no particular order here is a list of our favorites that Visit Philly released;

Christmas in Peddlers Village - This location brings out tons of lights that instantly make you feel the Christmas spirit. mentioned that they are open now until January 4, 2020

Franklin Square Holiday Festival - This is an event that is set up by PECO. According to this location is open now and running until December 31st.

LumiNature at Philadelphia Zoo - This is an event that the Philadelphia Zoo is doing for the first time ever. This is open from November 20 to January 5th.

Another light show that is always great to visit is the Holiday Light Show at Shady Brook Farm. That will be running from November 23rd to January 5th, 2020.

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