Bah humbug! According to a recent study, New Jersey is one of the states with the least Christmas spirit - and I couldn't disagree more!

GetCenturyLink ranked the 50 states from most to least Christmas spirit. New Jersey came in at number 45. Who has less Christmas spirit than we do? Arizona came in at number 46, Florida at number 47, California at number 48, Hawaii at number 49, and the Scoogiest state of all is Nevada!

The Top 5 states with the most Christmas spirit are Tennessee at number 1, North Carolina at number 2, Utah at number 3, Ohio at number 4, and Alabama at number 5.

The results were determined by each state's online activity -  Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses, online shopping trends for things like wrapping paper and Christmas cards, Christmas related tweets that were posted and Christmas songs that were streamed. The number of tree farms per capita and the number of charitable donations per state were also factored in.

I would like to wholeheartedly disagree with this conclusion. I think there is plenty of Christmas spirit to go around in NJ, especially right here in Ocean County. There are so many great Christmas activities, Christmas lights in the community, and there are plenty of Holiday Favorites to be heard - especially right here on WOBM!


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