We are all saying these words, "I need a vacation from this quarantine." Let's be real we all just want to be on vacation mode all of the time. Now just think about it, hotels will be having so many new restrictions and safety guidelines to make sure both the staff and guests are all safe.

BucksCountyCourierTimes.com reported that the American Hotel & Lodging Association released the new guidelines that will make guests a little more comfortable when going on vacation. Some of the new guidelines shared by Bucks County Courier Times that will make you feel safe when staying at a hotel include the following.

Contactless check-in encouraged when possible

Physical distancing from other groups of travelers in dining rooms and other common areas

Guest and employees will be reminded by signs to wear masks and dispose of them correctly

Elevators, front desk, check-in stations and public bathrooms will have a "major boost" in sanitation

There will also be more additional guidelines to protect employees and guests.

According to USAToday, Airbnb's and other major chains have also announced that there are new cleaning standards for their properties.

We learned from BucksCountyCourierTimes.com that the CEO and president of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Chip Rogers,  said that travelers shouldn't fear to stay at a hotel. Do you think that is easier said than done? Can you actually trust the big hotels that they are sanitizing everything and actually deep cleaning?

BucksCountyCourierTimes.com also stated that Rogers doesn't think that full business travels will be picking up until next year, which is a big part of the hotel hospitality.

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