Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, I had no idea that the coronavirus was going to turn into a pandemic. I think a lot of people thought it was as mild as the flu and it would not become what it did, or last as long as it has. Lots of people had plans for this summer, like vacations, special events and even weddings. Unfortunately, many of those weddings have been canceled since large gatherings have been prohibited and severely frowned upon because the virus spreads more in big groups. Social distancing is key to help flatten the curve, and if you had a wedding planned with 200-300 people, there's no way it would happen. Many couples I know, were able to postpone, but some had to cancel completely and take another option since their venue had no more availability. I know for me, I would be so heartbroken, but there are so many other brides out there that are just embracing what they are able to have instead of what they can't have. Knowing what is happening right now with weddings, has an amazing contest for couples to enter if their wedding got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic according to Yahoo.

I'm sure you've seen's commercials featuring their spokesman Captain Obvious. He's great and even he is social distancing right now.

The contest that is offering is for couples to be married by Captain Obvious, who will officiate your wedding. Yes, he is now ordained and able to officiate weddings. So he will perform your wedding virtually and then you'll also receive $5,000 to spend on your honeymoon through This sounds great to me!

You can click on the tweet from Captain Obvious to enter the contest, or click here. But hurry, you've gotta enter by May 17th.

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