When the pandemic started and we were told we were told to social distance and were told we weren't able to see our loved ones, sadness set in. I know I personally talk and see my family very often and my heart still hurts that I haven't been able to see most of them. But the good thing is, technology is a wonderful thing and we live in an age of video chatting. Video chatting can be difficult to figure out for the older generation, but my family has been doing a pretty good job with it. I told them about Houseparty after a friend had told me about it and it's a good time. You can talk to a bunch of people at once and even play games, which is fun. I know certain people have the apps that they like, but we like Houseparty.

Credit: App Store
Credit: App Store

Variety reports that Houseparty is throwing a big Houseparty this weekend and there are a bunch of celebs coming by like Katy Perry, John Legend and a bunch more. It starts tonight and wraps up on Sunday. Artists will perform, and also get up close and personal with those who are in the app. There will also be celebrities hosting cooking and workout routines too. All these celebs are hoping that you learn something about them that you never knew before.

So download the app, grab some wine and join "In the House" and get your Houseparty on this weekend. If you need more info, click here.

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