During this coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been working from home. If you're included in that group, do you think you've been more productive or less productive? Is getting things done for your job easier or harder? Are you less stressed or more stressed?

Those seem like common questions you would ask someone who has been working from home, but how about, "Do you take naps while working from home?"

The career resource site zippia.com decided to ask that question to 2,000 American workers and the results may surprise you.

In total, zippia.com says that 1/3 of people admitted to napping while they were supposed to be working. And of those who do admit to napping, 37% say those naps happen in bed while 15% say they nap right at their desk.

Zippia.com says workers with children at home are more likely to nap during the workday.

Napping isn't the only non-work activity people admit to doing during work hours. Half of the respondents told zippia.com that they take time out of work to check social media, go on the web, or send non-work-related texts.

Zippia.com also broke down the results by states and found that workers in North Dakota are the most likely to nap at home during work hours, followed by Alaska, Nebraska, Delaware, and Iowa.

So where does New Jersey rank on the list? According to zippia.com, 41% of New Jerseyans survey admitted to napping during work hours, ranking the Garden State #12 on the list.

And if your curious, Pennsylvania ranked #32 on the list with 29% of respondents telling zippia.com that they take a siesta while they should be working.  (By the way, no one surveyed from Wyoming admitted to taking naps during the workday, which means that a large percentage of people from Wyoming must be liars).

To check out all of the results of the survey, click here (that is, once you wake up from your afternoon nap).


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