Quaker Bridge Mall on Route 1 in Lawrence Township opened way back in 1975.

I'm sure if you were around back then you'd say it looks much different today then it did way back then.

There are different brands, shops, different restaurants and a new look today.

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Even though many people prefer to online shop these days, I still love to go to the Mall. I like to try on clothes and shoes to make they fit well and I like them.

Do you remember the play area in the middle of the mall. It was carpeted and recessed into the floor. There was also the carpeted circle at Children's Place that you used to wait your turn to sit in. Ahhh, the memories.

My parents brought us to the mall often. We'd go to the movies, shop, have dinner. My mom would pick up her catalog orders at JCPenney also. Yup, she would call ahead from home with the thick catalog infront of her, give an order number and then, a few days later, she'd have to pick up the order. Quite a different shopping experience than today.

Let's test your memory a little bit.

How many of the old stores and restaurants from the earlier days of Quaker Bridge Mall do you remember?

You probably have lots of memories from time spent at the mall. Did you sit on Santa's lap each holiday season? Did you eat at 1970's fast food seafood chain, Arthur Treacher's?

Get ready for a walk down memory lane.

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How Many Of These Old Quaker Bridge Mall Stores Do You Remember?

The Quaker Bridge Mall has been open since 1975. There's been many changes in stores and restaurants over the years. How many of the old places do you remember?

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