After all the planning, worrying, reworking seating arrangements, ordering of flowers and cake and food – everything that goes along with a wedding – for it to be canceled by the state has got to be pretty harsh.

Back in March when regulations on events and gatherings were starting to come in heaps many couples began to fear for their upcoming wedding plans. Guests, venues, dresses, tuxedos – all the makings of a beautiful ceremony now slashed to the possibility of it not happening at all.

Several New Jersey couples decided they couldn’t wait to be married and decided to piece together small, intimate, virtual ceremonies to follow social distancing regulations and still take that next wonderful step towards life with the one they love.

For couple, Ariel Mitnick and Ian Ochs, they had a feeling their June wedding would be in jeopardy. They had been waiting to get married for more than seven years already so they opted to pull together a ceremony in hours.

According to New Jersey Monthly, the two didn’t have their planned wedding outfits or even their rings but they giggled through their thrown-together ceremony and got married.

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