Going to your boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving for the first time? According to Eater.com, there are ways to not piss of your Thanksgiving dinner host, and if that's your boyfriend's Mom, you may want to listen up!

Follow the tips below, and you should definitely get an invitation to come back next year!

1. Show up on time, NOT EARLY!- Nothing is worse than when your guests arrive and the host is not ready. It infuriates them (Yes I'm speaking from experience) It's okay if you wanna help out, but you can always ask when you get there, it'll still be appreciated.

2. Tell the host in advance of any food allergies/concerns.- For the love of GOD, if you have a peanut allergy, tell your boyfriend and his Mom! I don't think your boyfriend's Mom wants to inject you with an epi pen on Thanksgiving. Just be straight up and she'll thank you for letting her know. However, if you're on a diet and can afford to have a cheat day, just have the cheat day. No one's Mom wants to make an entire extra meal because you wanna lose a few pounds.

3. Bring a gift- YES!  Always show up with something like wine or flowers! You will win her over right away and it's totally sweet!

4. Offer to help in the kitchen- Remember number 1? This is where you offer your help. Watch the hostess closely and see where she is. Offer to help put things out on the table, or help clean up afterwards. You can also engage in conversations with her and whoever is helping and they can get to know you better.

5. Gracefully dodge political arguments- I think this is a rule for every holiday. Just don't talk about it. Try to change the subject or go see if anyone needs help in the kitchen.

I think these are great tips and hey, if you do all these things and don't get invited back next year, come over to my house!


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