Iggy Azalea is finally on TikTok... and the platform is all the better for her presence.

The "Sally Walker" rapper officially joined ~the kids~ on TikTok earlier this month, and she's already more entertaining than some of the funniest trends on app. (Not the EDM-loving dog though—that one's untouchable.)

Azalea's most iconic contribution to the video-sharing app thus far? A self-referential clip in which she makes fun of an old, cringe-inducing concert performance.

In the clip, as The Neighbourhood's 2015 song "Daddy Issues" plays in the background ("You ask me what I'm thinking about..."), Azalea begins to zone out. A daydream sequence reveals what's on her mind: Her infamous-among-fans 2013 performance at European music festival Splash!, for which she was relentlessly memed for her seemingly nonsensical a capella onstage rap.

See the full moment, below:

Azalea posted her first TikTok video on August 8, announcing in a fleeting clip, "I'm here to ruin TikTok!"

And it seems Azalea's brand du jour is "self-deprecating, in-on-the-joke celebrity," considering her most recent clip is a video of her joking, to the tune of La Roux's "Bulletproof," that no one can hurt her feelings since "my baby cries when I play my music." Ouch.

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