The city of Philadelphia just drastically expanded their COVID-19 restrictions, but could a lockdown by next? Today's comments from Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney have us wondering about that. 

When asked if more drastic measures could be taken to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus — including lockdowns (similar to what went into place in March 2020)— Kenney blasted a lack of maturity amongst people who aren’t willing to get vaccinated. 

“Thank God this is not World War II, because the level of effort and maturity that was shown in World War II is not being shown here, and we'd be speaking German at this point,” Kenney said.

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So when asked by a television reporter during the briefing if lockdowns would be an option, the Mayor said he didn’t anticipate another lockdown coming.

He did, however, point out that he previously didn’t anticipate needing to reinstate a mask mandate in the city either.

Which, as you probably know by now, it was in that very same press conference that city officials announced an expanded mask and vaccination mandate citywide. You can see more about that here.

Philadelphia was one of the last cities in the country to lift its original masking mandate, so the move comes only two months after the mask mandate was lifted in Philly. 

As officials continue to push for vaccinations, Kenney did not hold back.

“It amazes me that this is the most simple thing to do to keep yourself safe and your family safe and your community safe, and people still refuse to do it and are being encouraged not to do it by people who were supposed to be elected officials and responsible people. It's just a shame,” he said.

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