Rihanna might be releasing a new song very soon.

It's been three years since the "Work" hitmaker released her album Anti – and fans have been patiently waiting for her to drop new music ever since. According to a fan account, RiRi registered a new song called "Private Loving."

The track seems legitimate because both British singer Monique Lawz and Jamaican artist Demarco, who are credited as songwriters, reacted to the listing on social media.

Last month, Rihanna sparked more album rumors after she followed Spotify and reportedly unfollowed Tidal on Instagram on the same day, which fans collectively decided meant new music was coming. Though the 31-year-old never addressed her social media activity, Spotify was happy to gain her as a new follower.

During an interview with T magazine in May, Rihanna confirmed she doesn't have a title for the album yet and that she might just name it R9. "I’m about to call it that probably, ’cause they have haunted me with this ‘R9, R9, when is R9 coming out?'” she said. "How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?"

Meanwhile, last year a source claimed the new album might be two records. "She’s currently recording two albums – one full of chart-friendly songs, and another made up of moody and experimental tracks – and is considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album.”

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