Things sure have changed in our world. I know some people aren't has germaphobic as I am in this pandemic, but I do know a lot of people that are still trying to stay safe and watch what they do on a daily basis in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from possibly catching the coronavirus. I am learning to relax a little more, but I am still very cautious about many things. I remember for years, my goddaughter and my niece would always help me blow out my birthday candles on my cake. It was so cute, but everyone knew, there may be a little bit of kiddie spit on there. Kids will be kids and no one freaked out about it. But now, thinking about how easily the coronavirus is spread, it's scary, how will anyone ever blow out birthday cakes again without worrying about spreading this virus?

Yahoo reports, a dentist from Boca Raton Florida has created a shield that goes on top of cakes that prevents spit from ending up on the cake. It's made from plastic and it looks like a container and instead of a traditional lid on top, there's a section cut out for candles. So the entire thing is covered and whoever is blowing out the candles won't be blowing on the rest of the cake. The product is caller Top It Cake Shield and it's an idea that should have been on Shark Tank for sure. It's genius.

They've got a great website and even have shields for single slices of cake. The shield for an entire cake will run you $14.99 plus tax and shipping and the single slice of cake shield is $4.99 plus tax and shipping. If you've always been a germaphobe when people blow out candles on their birthday cake, this is totally the item for you. I am ordering one for my Mom for Christmas, she is going to love it. I think this is a great way to keep celebrating birthdays, but ensure everyone stays safe.

Read more in this article by Yahoo.

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