It's about that time of year where you run to your car thinking it will be warmer in there but it turns out to be just as cold. It has to be nice for the people that have remote start and can actually get into a warm car.

We have some bad news for those of you that let your car sit there idling to warm up a bit before you actually get in to leave. According to, in the state of New Jersey, it is extremely illegal to have your car warm-up and idle for more than 3 minutes.

If you are wondering what the repercussion is if you do leave your car idling for more than 3 minutes well, you'll get a ticket. reported that tickets start at $100. It doesn't sound like a lot but definitely an annoying ticket.

New Jersey Sierra Club Director, Jeff Tittel, mentioned to that having your car idling is "polluting the neighborhood for no reason."

So, really the main reason that the law is there is to keep the clean air in the Garden State. We would say it's a little reasonable but annoying if we were to get that ticket just because we wanted to be warm.

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